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Fresh Squeeze Machine Winners!


Congratulations to those who tussled with the squeeze machine at FRESH. The width of the gap was fixed at 35 cm that day.

Our winner, beating a rib-crunching gap of 16.0cm, was Lucy Selby who wins a pair of wellies and a headlight!. Well done Lucy!

The top ten, for those of you interested were:

1. Lucy Selby - 16.0 cm
2. Jarrod Knibbe (pictured) - 16.9 cm
3. Andrew Vincer - 17.0 cm
4. James Macfarlane - 17.9 cm
5. Nick Fraser - 17.9 cm
6. Colin Young - 18.1 cm
7. Angela Lim - 18.2 cm
8. Alex Crow - 19.2 cm
9. Edd Willatts - 19.5 cm
10. Patrick Neilly - 20.0 cm

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