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Proceedings is the academic expression of the UBSS. Published during the autumn term, Proceedings covers all aspects of cave and karst, including geomorphology, cave biology, prehistory and the history of cave studies. Since 1919 the society has produced articles following a continued policy of publishing its work, with only sporadic interruptions during the 1930s and the war years.

Our authors are academic staff, students and members with international authority on a range of relevant subjects. Proceedings is one of the few caving journals that is professionally printed and bound and one of the few where all of the papers are refereed by independent experts before acceptance. Our Editor, is happy to offer his assistance to any potential authors.

Proceedings is available to students at a reduced rate.

UBSS Policy on Open Access

The Society, its Committee and its Editor, are fully behind the principle of giving as much and as easy access as we can to the papers that we publish in our Proceedings.

We have to be aware, however, that all publication policies come at a cost and so some compromises need to be made.

As we have decided that our Proceedings will continue to be published in printed form as well as on the web for the foreseeable future, we have decided that priority shall be given to our members and subscribers who continue to receive paper copies. This priority shall be in place for 12 months after publication, that is, until the publication of the following issue.

After this period, all papers will be available as pdf downloads from our website, at no charge. The download will be the same as the original paper publication. All papers published over one year ago will be available indefinitely on our website. Some early papers have yet to be uploaded. If any researcher finds that the paper they need is not yet available, please contact our Editor who will endeavour to scan and upload a copy as soon as possible.

Not only are these papers made available free of charge but we do not require users to register with us nor to go through any other administrative process. We do not consider this necessary. We are able to collect the information that we need to measure visitor numbers in other, non-obtrusive ways.

We are aware that there is a financial cost to the Society in lost sales of offprints and back numbers but believe that this is outweighed by our responsibility to give as much access to this work as we reasonably can.

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